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Welcome to Renzo Calderan gallery

I invite you to visit my passionately and carefully selected range of 15th to 18th century fine art paintings. A thorough choice of Italian, Flemish, Nordic and French schools artworks is presented to you.

Every painting is supported by an accurate professional documentation. An up to date art imaging technology provides an efficient and convivial way to discover and select each painting.

My goal, with this site, is to offer you an efficient and friendly way to discover and select each painting based on the best conditions offered by current imaging techniques.

If you visit us in Paris, we will be delighted to arrange a private viewing of the paintings which are also exhibited at several antique shows, in partnership with Jadis Antiquités


Let's fix some terms

In order to better understand the conventions used along the display, we propose, hereafter a simple glossary of usual terms for these artworks. Please note that they correspond to the best of our qualified opinion.

If the name of the painter is attached, with no addition, it implies that the painting is definitely recognized to be originating from this painter.

Attributed to:
There are strong presumptions this is a work by the artist named.
Workshop of:
Work from the studio of the artist, probably from an assistant under the supervision of the artist.
Circle of:
Work not yet fully identified though of the period of the artist and showing his influence.
School of:
Indicates that the work has been completed by an artist of this school and during the lapse of existence of the artistic movement designed by a location and a period.
Follower of:
Work from a painter influenced by the artist, either a contemporary or close to his period, but not necessarily by a pupil.
Manner of:
Work executed in the artist's style, but at a later date.
Work copied (of any date) from a work by the artist.
Signed... / Dated...:
Work been signed / dated by the artist.
With inscription:
work signed / dated by someone else than the artist.

About us

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